Brent Heighton

artist photo

Brent Heighton has been painting fulltime for over 42 years, and as far as he can see his art career is just beginning.

He continues to push new boundaries with his work and always looking for new horizons and challenges with his paintings. “It has always been a very interesting and wonderful journey, with lots of ups and downs, but that is the course you chose when you take creative directions in painting and life.”

Brent has painted and taught workshops in many parts of the world. He has organzied many expeditions with his fellow painters into places like the Queen Charlottes or Haida Gwaii as it is now called, the Great Bear Rain Forest, the Kitlop valley, the Rocky Mountains by horseback and the Kutzmateen grizzly sanctuary to name a few. The Kutzmateen was a very special and magical place that Brent remembers, being able to go right up to the grizzlies in a small boatwhile they were fishing for salmon that were so thick you could almost walk across the creek, not that you would. And he is just as comfortable painting in the streets of some of Mexico’s and Europes most beautiful cities, like San Miguel, the Greek Islands, Paris, the south of France, the Cornwall coast, England, the Rhine and Holland to name just a few.

Brent and his wife Bettie live in the Vancouver area of B.C. where he was born and spent most of his life. They also divide their time fom their home in Vancouver and their home in Mexico, where according to Brent, the light is beautiful and has a clarity that you can’t get anywhere else.

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