Stone Willow Jewellery – Nicole Martin

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Nicole Martin of Stone Willow Jewellery

I am a lover of nature and any activity that I can enjoy outdoors.  You may find me hiking, trail running, skiing, or having a paddle in hand.  I may be at the top of a mountain or deep at the ocean floor – being in nature is where I find my solitude, energy and balance.

My first Stone Willow designs were created because of my desire to be connected to nature in a sophisticated and pretty way.  Then others wanted them too.

I have strong connections to local community and support organizations that protect the natural environment and wildlife.  Owning Stone Willow allows me to donate to locate charities and fundraisers to support these communities.  Giving back is a part of what I do.  See my “information” section under “giving back” and who I helped out this year.

Why Stone Willow?

Born in 2008, and named after my passion for stones along with the beauty and diversity of willow, Stone Willow was created.  Natural stones have their own individual vibrational frequencies that assist in balancing our own energy systems.  Willow is reflective of a feminine and graceful presence.  Together, stone and willow create a synergetic bond of radiance, growth and vitality.

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