Butterfly Effect Studio – Zelda Bird

artist photo

I first discovered the art of creating in precious metals in 2005 through the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. I am convinced I was born with a desire to create something beautiful and so art was always something I dabbled in. When immigration to Canada presented the opportunity for further studies I grabbed it with both hands and have not let go since.

I love that jewellery, when properly constructed in precious metals will outlast my lifetime and that it can serve as a connection from one generation to the next; something tangible from a life passed by. I love that it can give someone a sense of worth, that it is a gift of love and makes people feel happy.

I am inspired by the beauty to be found in people that we discover through relationships, the hidden treasures of God’s work in our lives and the truths about our Savior revealed when observing nature and how things grow. I feel awakened by the beauty He so carefully designed to surround us. My work is a personal celebration of His promises found in scripture and therefore I give all thanks to our Creator for the privilege to share with you our Butterfly Effect creations.

Where life and nature collide is the foundation of a new design. Zelda Bird