Fay Hodson

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Art has always been a part of my life although I worked in another field for many years. Several years ago, I stopped working to focus on art and I am currently enrolled in the BFA program at ACAD. Felt-making has become a large part of my art practice over the past fifteen years and I enjoy integrating felt with other media.

Two questions influence my artwork: why do we attribute an inner life, emotion or narrative to inanimate objects and what characteristics cause this? Felt as a medium, with its inherent organic reference, is ideal for exploring these questions. It feels like the wool is actively participating in the creative process. Hints of emotion, character, or personality appear as the piece takes shape and I see it as my role to build on and reveal these. In the end, the final piece feels like a collaboration between me and this inanimate substance that has a mind of its own.

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