Bragg Creek Art Festival – 2019 – Plein Air

For ten days, starting September 20st, 2019, Bragg Creek will be the home of some of the best Western Canadian Painters!

The first weekend will be a Plein Air Paint Out, where artists and the general public can gather and celebrate the beauty and wonderfully healthy outdoor environment! The fresh, crisp & clean Kananaskis Mountain air will inspire Artists to create lasting memories of our time in Alberta.

The two days painting out in Bragg Creek’s pristine mountain environment on September 21st & 22nd, will incorporate the sounds of the abundant wildlife from Ravens to Flying Squirrels, the smells of wonderful Pine & Spruce Trees, the sights from towering peaks to waterfalls and the taste of artisan food being prepared at the many quality bistro’s and restaurants in the Hamlet of Bragg Creek!

There will be an artistic flair to all business operations in Bragg Creek during the festival, from painting and sculpting workshops to artist showcases in many locales.

September 27th (evening opening reception) 28th & 29th will be a celebration of Art and Music at the Bragg Creek Community Centre with Artists on Tour. There will be original art, live music & more, created by some of the most talented artists in Western Canada.

Please come out to participate in a wonderfully soulful experience, your mind and body will thank you! Join as one of the painters on the first weekend or come be a part of the event and take a piece home with you, supporting an artist and supplying a lifetime of memories of this great area!

September – Bragg Creek  – The Bragg Creek Community Centre will feature world class artists from Artists on Tour and will feature  an outstanding line up of live music.
Saturday evening will be an exclusive concert, limited tickets available.

Plein Air Painting In Bragg Creek – Art Country Canada
Art Country Canada in majestic Bragg Creek has organized the Fourth Annual Bragg Creek Plein Air Event and Art Festival.
It begins on Friday as a get together for all the artists. There will be incredible food and wine. We will talk about the local locations to paint on the weekend and presentations .

The artists will have the opportunity to create paintings at well known Bragg Creek areas, Elbow Falls, Banded Peak and the Mclean Pond area.

Friday September 20, Plein Air Kickoff Party & Orientation
Saturday September 21, Plein Air Painting at Elbow Falls, Forget Me Not Pond, McLean Pond and various other areas
Sunday September 22, Plein Air Painting at Elbow Falls, Forget Me Not Pond, McLean Pond and various other areas

The week continues with painting workshops by Brent Heighton, Jonn Einerssen, Neil Patterson and carving workshops by stone carver Vance Theoret. Limited space available for workshops. Presented by

Celebrate The Arts
Friday September 27, 5-9pm Join us for an evening of  original art, live music & more!
Opening Reception-invitations available at no charge  

For more information contact

Saturday September 28, 10-5pm, open to the public
Art Showcase and Sale at the Bragg Creek Community Centre with live musical performances throughout the day

Saturday Evening Concert Series and a Sweet & Savoury Reception
Doors Open at 6pm, program starts at 7pm-9pm

Limited tickets available
$40.00 per person 

To purchase tickets and for more information

Sunday September 29, 10-4pm, open to the public
Art showcase and sale continues until 4pm, with live musical performances throughout the day

An opportunity to be exhibited at the Bragg Creek Community Centre the following weekend when, on Sunday, the top 3 plein air will be revealed at noon. Awards will be given out through a jury process at this time. The painting requirements to exhibit in that show are as follows: paintings need be 9×12 or 12×16, vertical or horizontal. Art Country Canada will be supplying consistent presentation frames for both sizes, high quality and reasonably priced. This is optional for artists as they may paint any size they choose, it is just for those who would like to participate in the juried show. We don’t want to put any pressure on anyone , just come on out and have a good time, bring warm clothes and be prepared. One submission per artist for exhibit.
After Sunday, artwork can be shown in the Art Country Canada Gallery. We want this festival to be an annual event that inspires artists to meet together and enjoy the arts, the charity will support promising young local artists to continue in their desire to make the arts a career choice. This is an opportunity to give back and create something special for the Calgary area.

Recommended Items for Plein Air Painting
Easel or other surface to steady the painting onto
Folding chair or a stool
Brush cleaning materials
Panel carrier for wet paints (both our locations Elbow Falls, and Forget Me Not Pond are close to parking, likely able to run wet paints back to vehicles, also washroom facilities at both locations)
Warm clothing if cold, sunscreen and bug spray if warm
(warm clothing includes gloves, hats and sturdy boots as secure footing is essential) May want to include a thermos with warm drink, excellent at helping to keep you warm on a chilly day.
Water and snacks
Umbrella (good for rain or shade)

For further information contact
Art Country Canada